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Thursday, December 11, 2014

My Favorite Nashville Things - Holiday Edition feat. Sandra Lynn & Dakota Bradley

Next up in our 'favorite Nashville things' holiday post extravaganza: artists Sandra Lynn and Dakota Bradley. We discussed their fabulous local gift ideas and hotspots not to miss during the holiday season!

EN: What is your go-to Nashville shopping spot for holiday gifts?

SL: White’s Mercantile on 12th Ave. South has amazing vintage and newer home goods as well as unique gift ideas. I also love checking out what fun accessories & fashion treasures are hiding out at Two Old Hippies (in The Gulch) and Moda (on 12th Ave. South)!

DB: My go-to Nashville shopping spot is The Green Hills Mall. I love to shop at Williams-Sonoma!

EN: Your personal favorite stocking stuffers?

SL: Nashville’s Pangea has these great distressed-leather wrap journals—great for songwriting, jotting down notes, or ideas. Also, the Bang Candy Company here in Nashville has some delicious Sparkle Bark I think is a perfect treat for anyone’s stocking, and I absolutely dig the ‘Love Heals’ beaded bracelets you can not only find at many of the shops here in town, but also online.

DB:  I am known for always giving chocolate Santa's.

EN:  Do you have any must-do Nashville activities for the holidays? 

SL: I’m excited as this is the first year I’m hosting a female songwriters round at Tin Roof on Dec. 15 to benefit The Oasis Center. I’m hoping this can become a tradition that I can continue annually!

My must-do activities include a drive through downtown to check out the Christmas lights and the Christmas parade.

EN: Your go-to holiday cocktail or meal of choice in Nashville?

SL: I love a cocktail called “Do Right Women” from Patterson House —always a warming drink around the holidays. There are also some of the fun coffee concoctions one of the local coffee shops, Fido, makes up during this time of year.

DB: Tennessee Sipping Cream is my favorite holiday cocktail, but I love a glass of wine at Pinewood Social.

EN: Your favorite Holiday album?

SL: The 1964 Beach Boys’ Christmas Album 

DB: The Essential NOW That's What I Call Christmas is my favorite holiday album.  It has every one of my favorite Christmas songs including Chuck Berry's "Run Rudolph Run." 

EN:. Favorite Christmas movie?

SL: Love Actually

DB: Christmas Vacation!

EN: If you could cover one Christmas song, what would it be?

SL: I would love to cover “Grown-up Christmas List”—its of my favorites!  I've been a fan of both David Foster and Linda Thompson’s songwriting from a young age. I have been fortunate enough to have their encouragement as friends and supporters along my musical path.  

DB: "Run Rudolph Run"—every time I hear that opening riff I immediately think of Christmas.

EN:. What is #1 on your Christmas list this season?

SL: I’d love to start learning how to play the mandolin, so I’d have to say a mandolin would pretty high up there on the Christmas wish-list for me!

DB: A Vintage Fender Strat would be my #1 on the list!

EN: Favorite holiday memory?

SL: Every year at Christmas, my parents’ neighborhood goes all out with their Christmas decorations and lights, so many people come from all over to see the houses all lit up. One of the last Christmases I got to spend with my grandpa, our family was all together, walking the neighborhood on Christmas day while my grandpa and I sang the song, “Walking in a Winter Wonderland.” He and my grandma used to sing it as a duet together when they were younger. I always cherish having that moment with him.

DB: My favorite holiday memory was when my Dad told me all the presents were opened and walked me into the family room and a whole drum kit was set up!  It was the best Christmas surprise!  

EN: How do you celebrate the holidays at your home?

SL: My husband and I spend time with our family, checking out neighborhood Christmas lights, playing our favorite Christmas movies and albums, partaking in the occasional gingerbread house-building contest, and enjoying our favorite holiday meal items and cocktails!

DB: Lots of red wine, lots of laughing, and lots of food. We always have a big fire burning all day long and we watch Christmas movies.

EN: Who would you most like to meet under the mistletoe?

SL: My handsome husband ;-)

DB: My living choice would be Ariana Grande and dead would be Marilyn Monroe.

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  1. Love learning about artists and what they like about Nashville and Christmas! Sandra Lynn, I LOVE the Bang Candy Company too!! Nice article!!


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