A New Favorite Brunch Spot in Nashville - Josephine

josephine nashville brunch review
Pictured: Dried Cherry & Pistachio Sticky Bun
To my absolute enjoyment, I am discovering more and crowining more new favorites here in town as of late - thanks to the continuing boom of our lovely city, Nashville. As you may know, I am obsessed with brunch. Obsessed. Likely, it's my most favored meal of the week. My logic behind this is: if you offer meals that combine Sweet + Savory + Bacon + Mimosas, it simply should not be missed.

My latest go-to spot for the best brunch in Nashville is none other than 12th Ave South's Josephine. Ya'll - it is DELICIOUS. A few of my favorites and must-tries include the Sticky Bun (complimented with dried cherries and pistachios), Apple Cider Donuts, Candied Carrot Soup, Eggs Benedict (country ham, grilled bread, brown butter hollandaise), and the Quiche (served with their to-die-for fries). View the brunch menu in its entirety here.

Couple their reasonably-priced fantastic fare and quality service with a comfortable, chic atmosphere PLUS the fact that they take brunch reservations (somewhat of a rarity in town) = sold. Get out there, make a rez, and give Josephine's brunch a try - you will not regret it.

Josephine on 12th
2316 12th Ave S

Brunch Served Saturdays and Sundays from 10am - 5pm

My Favorite Nashville Things - Holiday Edition feat. Jamie Lynn Spears

My last but not least post in the 'favorite Nashville things' holiday series extravaganza: the FABULOUS Ms. Jamie Lynn Spears!

EN: What is your go-to Nashville shopping spot for holiday gifts?

JLS: Castilleja in Edgehill Village by Music Row. My friend Liz Rose just opened it and it's the best place to get unique things! 

EN: Your personal favorite stocking stuffers?

JLS: Some fun items you can also get from Castilleja: Juniper ridge incense and sage, cord tacos for your earbuds and phone cords! They also have Glam Band scrunchies., mini candles and these cool metal, bear bottle openers! 

My Favorite Nashville Things - Holiday Edition feat. Austin Webb & the Henningsens

Next up in our 'favorite Nashville things' holiday post extravaganza: artists Austin Webb and Brian and Clara Henningsen of the Henningsens! We of course discussed their local gift ideas and hotspots not to miss during the holiday season.

EN:  What is your go-to Nashville shopping spot for holiday gifts?

AW: I love Goodwill and Imogene and Willie on 12th South. However, this year I'm trying to convince my family to donate to charity instead of buying gifts.

CH: Anthropologie is one of my favorite places to buy gifts for any girl in my family. And target of course!

EN: Your personal favorite stocking stuffers?

AW: Yazoo beer, Starbucks gift cards, white chocolate covered Oreos!

BH: Concert tickets make the best stocking stuffers! Pocket knives are cool and useful too.

A New Favorite Dish Crowned in Nashville

Never have I ever... dedicated a single blog post to a single dish at a single restaurant. Well folks, that is changing - right now! I just woke up on this lovely (gloomy) cool Saturday morning and I'm cannot stop dreaming about my perfect dinner last night!

What was this glorious entree, you ask?

My Favorite Nashville Things - Holiday Edition feat. Sandra Lynn & Dakota Bradley

Next up in our 'favorite Nashville things' holiday post extravaganza: artists Sandra Lynn and Dakota Bradley. We discussed their fabulous local gift ideas and hotspots not to miss during the holiday season!

EN: What is your go-to Nashville shopping spot for holiday gifts?

SL: White’s Mercantile on 12th Ave. South has amazing vintage and newer home goods as well as unique gift ideas. I also love checking out what fun accessories & fashion treasures are hiding out at Two Old Hippies (in The Gulch) and Moda (on 12th Ave. South)!

DB: My go-to Nashville shopping spot is The Green Hills Mall. I love to shop at Williams-Sonoma!

EN: Your personal favorite stocking stuffers?

SL: Nashville’s Pangea has these great distressed-leather wrap journals—great for songwriting, jotting down notes, or ideas. Also, the Bang Candy Company here in Nashville has some delicious Sparkle Bark I think is a perfect treat for anyone’s stocking, and I absolutely dig the ‘Love Heals’ beaded bracelets you can not only find at many of the shops here in town, but also online.

DB:  I am known for always giving chocolate Santa's.

Silly Goose Nashville now serving Sunday Brunch


Big news. One of my absolute favorite spots in Nashville, The Silly Goose, is opening Sundays from 11a-3p for brunch service beginning December 14.

Menu highlights include the Dali Lama - braised & seared pork belly, whipped sweet potatoes, cinnamon sourdough, h2o melon radish, pistachio, cider demi; and the Buddha - 2 potato hash: Yukon gold & sweet potato, smoked tomatillo-avocado salsa, fried eggs, spicy chickpea dust.

My goodness. Yes. Please.

Silly Goose consistently stands out with their inventive and delicious menu selections, fantastic service, and of course their rosemary lemonade. Always included in my top list for locals and visitors alike, brunch is likely going to take them to the next level of goodness. Oh how I can't wait!

Check the full brunch menu here. Just prepare to salivate.

My Favorite Nashville Things - Holiday Edition feat. Josh Thompson

Ok ya'll. I love the holidays - and, it's official that this, one of my FAVORITE times of the year in Nashville, is upon us. There are SO many fabulous ways in town to celebrate the season, and I'm excited to kick off this series of all-things-holiday posts to showcase a few throughout the month of December, 

First up, I chatted with local country artist Josh Thompson.