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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Chatting with Gillian Abbot, Dirty Dancing's "Baby" - coming to TPAC in September!

Nobody puts Baby in a corner they say, well, they've clearly never met me.

I recently sat down for a quick chat with Baby, aka Gillian Abbot -- about her upcoming visit to Nashville's TPAC with the traveling production of Dirty Dancing. It wasn't really in a corner, but felt I needed a reason to use one of the best lines from the 1980's in my blog.

EN: Your favorite part about touring with Dirty Dancing?

GA: Performing for so many audiences throughout America. Each city brings a new energy and it's an incredible opportunity to connect with people from all different walks of life.

EN: What's the most challenging part about the role of Baby?

GA: It's very physically demanding! Between all the dancing and "running around behind my family's back", I don't stop. It's very important for me to take good care of my body so that I can give it my all 8 times a week and stay healthy. 

EN: What can the audience look forward to when the curtain raises at TPAC this September?

GA: Hopefully an ecstatic energy filling the theater both on and off stage! This show is a unique collaboration between performers and the audience as many of the patrons are holding their breath for each moment from the movie. I love how the audience motivates us as much as we inspire them in reliving this iconic love story. 

EN: Have you done a show in Nashville before, or have you visited? What do you love about it? If not, what are you most excited to see while you’re in town?

GA: This will be my first time in Nashville! I am most excited to experience Music Row. I am from Calgary, Alberta, home of the Calgary Stampede, and I'm a huge country music fan! I'm also hoping Taylor Swift happens to pop into our show...she's in town with her tour and I've always thought we would be good friends!

EN: Nashville is filled with aspiring musicians and artists. Any advice to local musicians looking to make it into the theater world?

GA: Start with WHY you want to be an artist. By getting to the root of your desire to perform, not only will it help you through the hard times when it would be easier to give up, but it will also guide to other artists who share a similar passions and will therefore be your best collaborators. 

Thanks Gillian! And y'all, you're not going to want to miss the classic story of Dirty Dancing -- featuring some of my fave 80's classics like "Hungry Eyes" and everyone's favorite song/scene to reenact, "The Time of My Life" (which, I may or may have danced to in front of my mirror in the privacy of my bedroom as a child. Or okay, yes, I still do it.) 

Coming to TPAC September 22-27, tickets are on sale @


GILLIAN ABBOTT (Frances “Baby” Houseman) humbly makes her National Tour debut as “Baby”. Recently made her television debut on HBO’s Boardwalk Empire, performed in choreographer Stacey Tookey’s Moments Defined, and The Metropolitan Opera’s Prince Igor. Proudly graduated from The Juilliard School after beginning her professional career in Cirque du Soleil's Beatles LOVE show. Blessed to begin her journey in Calgary, Alberta among family, friends and mentors. Thanks be to God!


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