My Favorite Brunch in Nashville is.... Marche!

Mmmmmmmmmmm! I'm sure you've heard all the raves, but, have you made it over to the East side to check it out?  After countless orders of french toast, crepes, quiche, mimosas, Benton's bacon, and the like in our lovely town (and still a few places on my list yet to try), my consistent go-to and wearing the crown as my #1 fav brunch spot goes to Marche Artisan Foods.

This super cute cafe of sorts has all the elements of providing a fabulous morning-time (ahem, or afternoon) meal.  I love the casual European bistro-style atmosphere, along with their AMAZING pastries (chocolate croissant // almond croissant // or the bread basket, served with an assortment of yummy spreads), and the best brewed coffee in town (no lie).  Some additional menu items not to miss are:

  • The wonderful assortment of brunch bevs including blood-orange mimosas
  • The croissant french toast coupled with a side of perfectly cooked applewood-smoked bacon which is absolutely my favorite in town
  • Any of their always-evolving crepes, all of which will change your life for the better

I reinforce the success in choices of my favorite fab restaurants by out-of-town friend's reactions.  This past Sunday I brought a foodie-friend from Dallas here and she LOVED it!  Marche has NEVER let me down, and I assure you it will be on your list of favorites if it isn't there already.

One word of advice, get there early early on Saturday/Sunday, or shoot for later in the afternoon (Say around 3:00), otherwise be prepared to wait.

Marche Artisan Foods
1000 Main Street
Nashville, TN 37206

Tuesday through Friday 8am to 9pm
Saturday Brunch 8am to 4pm // Dinner 5pm to 9pm
Sunday Brunch 9am to 4pm

Reservations for dinner only.
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