My Favorite Restaurant in Nashville is....

Germantown Cafe!  I have realized that I haven't given this absolutely fantastic restaurant not even close to the love it deserves on my blog and Twitter feed.  I know some of you may be surprised due to my raving about a few other new restaurants to the Nashville dining scene, but alas, Germantown holds the #1 spot in my heart, for several reasons:
  • Consistently it has offered top notch service
  • Consistently it has provided delicious food at a decent price point
  • Consistently (consistency is the key here, folks) it has great bartenders, and fantastic drinks
  • Their view of downtown is fabulous
  • They not only have an incredible dinner, but lunch and brunch options as well
  • THE BREAD (Imagine a crispy cream doughnut without icing... I can't even talk about it).

I absolutely love the simplicity of the menu, and how they offer the somewhat "standard" options but, with fresh twists.  Some of my favorite menu items:
  • Fried Green tomatoes:  The bit of goat cheese and the red pepper sauce make these bad boys out of this WORLD.
  • French Onion Soup:  Best in town = hands down.
  • Plum Pork: Unbelievable.  I think it's my favorite entree in town. Actually, I know it is. The sweet plum with the salty pork is so incredibly delicious.  Plus, it's served with mashed potatoes, steamed green beans, and a salad!  Oh.. and that delicious bread.
  • Speaking of the bread:  At brunch, they roll it in cinnamon and sugar and serve it with strawberry butter (queue salivation, now).
Conversing with my foodie (and non-foodie) friends, most all agree that Germantown Cafe is at (if not the) top of their list as well, so, it should appear somewhere on your own!  I will admit, there are a lot of good competitors arising for my favorite spot but for now, in my opinion, Germantown rules Nashville (and my heart).

1200 5th Avenue North  Nashville, TN 37208
(615) 242-3226

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